Oh yes! we are really care about this part, as we ant to make sure we receive all your website contents. its really easy, we will provide you with a folder in our google drive to upload all your contents there. please do not send us link to your “One drive or Dropbox or Wetransfer” or any other storage website we do not open them.

Write up and text: all the write up and text should prepare in Microsoft word Document (*.doc or *.docx), please do not send us the PDF file or image file for text,

Image: all images most be in high resolutions in JPG format, images with transparent background PNG.

Logos and Identity:  logos and other branding related should be in AI or PDF format, if your logo is typography, make sure its outlined version

Others: Some client have visual such as videos, cartoon or other visual or motion graphic, you also can include them with the format you have we will make sure to convert them into web version.